Picker Institute Europe has unrivaled expertise in measuring experiences of healthcare - the experience of patients, service users, staff and the public.

We organise and implement surveys throughout the health sector, for the Department of Health, regulators, NHS trusts and boards, private insurers and hospitals, professional bodies, and voluntary organisations.

Why use Picker Institute Europe survey services?

  • Picker Institute Europe is internationally renowned for its work in developing, co-ordinating and implementing healthcare surveys, which have been adopted for use in the English national patient survey programme.

  • We have unparalleled experience of helping organisations to devise and conduct their surveys, and to interpret and respond to their findings.

  • As a charity, we are dedicated to using patient experience measurement to improve the quality of healthcare.

  • We want to help you use evidence from patients to bring about change.

  • All surplus income is re-invested in improving healthcare in pursuit of our charitable objectives.