Our mission and values

"Understanding and respecting patients' values, preferences and expressed needs is the foundation of patient-centred care."

Harvey Picker

Picker Institute Europe is a not-for-profit organisation that makes patients' views count in healthcare.  We specialise in measuring patients' and service users' experiences, providing robust, reliable and actionable feedback, and supporting providers and commissioners in using data to drive improvement.  Specifically, our mission is to:

  • build and use evidence to champion the best possible patient-centred care
  • work with patients, professionals and policy makers to strive continuously for the highest standards of patient experience.

We believe all patients deserve high quality healthcare and that their views and experiences should drive the design, delivery and development of health services.  All our work reflects and builds upon the 'Picker principles' of patient-centred care that derive from empirical research originally conducted by the Picker Institute in the USA.  These are the eight aspects of health care that are most important to patients.

Three concern the relationship between individual patients and professionals:

  • involvement in decisions and respect for preferences
  • clear, comprehensible information and support for self-care
  • emotional support, empathy and respect.

Five relate to the way that services and systems work:

  • fast access to reliable health advice
  • effective treatment delivered by trusted professionals
  • attention to physical and environmental needs
  • involvement of, and support for, family and carers
  • continuity of care and smooth transitions.

The development of the concept and principles of patient centred care is described in Margaret Gerteis, Susan Edgman-Levitan, Jennifer Daley, and Thomas L. Delbanco (eds).Through the Patient's Eyes: understanding and promoting patient centered care. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993.