• Improving patient experience

    Our new Patient Experience Review service is designed to support NHS organisations in making the most of their patient experience data: what they have, who knows about and understands it, and how ward-level staff and senior managers use it to improve performance.

    Visit the Patient Experience Review page or download more information.

  • Individual clinician-level feedback

    Working with a team of NHS Consultants, we have developed a clinician-level questionnaire that gathers feedback about patients' experiences of their interactions with individual doctors.  Our instrument maps to Good Medical Practice, provides robust and reliable information and can be used within and between medical revalidation cycles.

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  • Measuring children's & young people's experiences of care

    We have a dedicated Children and Young People's Research Team who focus on gathering actionable feedback directly from young patients about their experiences of healthcare.  Our survey instruments are designed for self-completion by children aged eight and over, with parent/carer versions for younger patients.

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  • Real-time patient feedback

    Our Frequent Feedback Service provides patient experience data that is robust, reliable and ‘alive’.  Using near real-time technologies, this extends to ‘right here, right now’ data collection, benchmarking and reporting at the point of care that engages the attention of staff, managers and commissioners.

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